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February 23, 2006



Hey Anne, you sound a lot like me! I need to find your Blogger blog, I'm actually surprised I haven't run into it yet! I can identify with the best laid recipe plans falling by the wayside...anyway, I have a feeling we will be in touch.


THanks all! I'm really happy with Typepad. Now if I could just import all my entries from Blogger. I'm probably going to have to do a copy and past for ALL entries since last March! Yikes!


Hi Anne,

Congratulations on the new look of your blog! I really like it and I think you'll really enjoy Typepad, which is what I use!


Hey great new look. You seem to have a lot more to work with over here.

I made some wonderful gourmet burgers this weekend with carmelized onions on the side, ...heavenly. Every once in awhile gotta satisfy the craving you know!


Thanks for the complement.... taken on New Year's Eve by the big A (that's not me!)


Thanks for the vote of confidence!


By the way, that's a great pic of you! :)


You know you're totally going to slack off.

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