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February 24, 2006


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Thanks Antoinette! Sometimes I feel young, sometimes I feel really old. But if I say that to people around me, they laugh and say, "How old are you? 30?" Ha! I wish! No,I simply moved to France straight out of college, had my kids quickly and never looked back. But my son's going on 10 and it's kind of a wake up call too.

I'm so glad you enjoy the recipes. My family loves them (well most of them)! And they keep me grounded.


Now that I see your photo, you're a lot younger than I imagined. Keep up the good recipes, they provide a nice reference for our family!

Dr. X

Thank you to all of my fans out their who have long awaited the return of the good "DR. X".

I'm not sure how to take the end of the last comment, since I don't speak French.

I think it means- Thanks for the fries you sent on Monday. (mon frere). Which means the blogger must be confused with someone else who sent her fries.

Anyway, I would like to publically note that I do find these trickets of wisdom entertain and wish the hostess a "beunos dias"


Dearest Dr. X,

I am not slamming our beautiful state or its culinary heritage. I love WV food but it's not known around the world as gourmet.

I did change the locational reference to be more politically correct. Merci mon frère!

Dr. X

It's time to check your spell checker again. I don't think it's appropriate to slam the fine WV cooking and southern recipes that come out of this state. And I wouldn't use that place of Muslim worship as a locational reference either, otherwise you could have riots in your small little French town.

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